2014 – Dubag Ideal Academy, Bangladesh

2014 – Dubag Ideal Academy, Bangladesh


I registered with BBC and was informed by mail of the British Council. I talked with our Headmaster about the day and he arranged a meeting of the  ’Student Council ‘. That’s why we have come to celebrate the day.

What we did / what we are doing
We started on 4th March by having a discussion about balanced diets with our students. We also had a discussion on 5th March about what our celebrating criteria would be. On 6th March, all members of the Student Council brought some traditional Bangladeshi food to school. They shared their food with each other, which they enjoyed very much. The participants were: Mohammad Belal Ahmed (Headmaster), Md. Maruf Ahmed (Assistant teacher) and the pupils of ‘Student Council’.

The pupils are learning about healthy food and bringing it into school.
They commited to encourage other students in the school to bring homemade food instead of junk food as their school tiffin.
They also have started to become very interested in knowing about others countries traditional food.

Next steps
In the future we would like to celebrate the day with other schools throughout the country. We will try to have a skype class of our celebrations with other schools and form international partnerships.

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Md. Maruf Ahmed

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