2014 – The High Range School, India

2014 – The High Range School, India

Children learn about healthy food and nutritional diet

Healthy food gives a healthy mind. The first graders at The High Range School learnt about food and food items which provides us with energy. On a continuous basis, the students are updated about healthy eating behaviors. We designed an activity at our school to show the children various food items involved in out school meals.

What we did / what we are doing
The children have a lesson in their science curriculum, about food. They were taught in class about food. Then they were taken to the school kitchen and briefed about the healthy foods. They were shown the samples of pulses, fruits, vegetables etc. Now they have understood the ingredients involved in the food they eat. Each child was shown the items and a discussion was made by the dietitian at school so that the children understood the basic concepts of food. They also were taught about the food items which provide strength to body parts, like carrot has vitamins to enhance good eyesight in the human body.

An awareness among students is created about nutritional eating habits. This also keeps them aware of the negative effects of obesity and related diseases.  On a daily basis they are provided with school meals which is rich in nutrition and the main out come is that they know what they are eating and they are aware of the proteins, carbohydrates and other energy providers available in each of the food items.

Next steps
Now that we have created an awareness through our project, we have to let the children know that eating healthy is not a very complicated issue. They will be informed about the daily practices of eating nutritional food and living a healthy life. They also will be taking part in a gardening activity soon, so that they learn about the vegetables they eat like, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.

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