2014 – Just Trading Scotland (JTS)

2014 – Just Trading Scotland (JTS)


JTS has challenged schools, as well as churches, colleges and other organisations, to sell 90kg of rice – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer pay for a year’s basic secondary
education for one child.

Pupils have an achievable goal: selling 90kg of rice, which can be undertaken at a whole school level, by one class or by different groups within a class.

What we did / what we are doing
Over the past five years, over 500 groups have participated in the 90kg Rice Challenge, including churches, Fair Trade groups, schools and youth groups. One of the best things about the Challenge is the fact that it offers groups the chance to show their creative skills in order to sell the rice.

The pupils at Bishopbriggs Academy, for example, worked in groups to market, advertise and develop a strategy for selling the rice to the school’s stakeholders. Working together to develop skills such as communication, leadership, creativity, numeracy and literacy, the pupils created some excellent resources which really highlighted the importance of buying Fair Trade products.

The Challenge enables a farmer from Malawi to send a child to secondary school for a year. The Challenge also shows pupils how they can make a difference and so empowers them. Finally, this activity creates a link between the pupils and the farmers who they are supporting.

Students and lecturers from Glasgow College, as well as parents and staff, worked with the pupils from Bishopbriggs Academy and helped them to really understand the concepts of social enterprise and ethical trading. When discussing the event, pupils said that they had better awareness of Fair Trade and that they would definitely look out for and purchase Fair Trade products!

Next steps
While the Challenge is a fantastic fit for International School Meals Day, it actually runs throughout the year and ties in well to Fairtrade Fortnight, Harvest and Commonwealth events. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit http://www.justtradingscotland.co.uk/pages/90kg-challenge.

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