2014 – Vishaka B.M.V, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

2014 – Vishaka B.M.V, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka


The activity was done with slight differences in two classes. Grade 10 (15 year olds) and grade 6 ( 10 year olds)

Grade 10
The activity was done after a vocabulary lesson using food labels,

What we did / what we are doing
Grade 10 – A discussion was lead to highlight healthy eating, traditional food items and also the cooking activities we shared with our partner school in UK was highlighted. Students were grouped – 7 in one and referred to
cookery books, met other subject teachers and also mothers and grandmothers to find more facts about cooking methods, styles and preserving the taste.
Activity – A time limit was assigned. The students in their groups prepared a brand new recipe – something nobody has ever cooked before, and cooked the dish at school on the set date. All the groups presented the dishes along with the recipe and the nutritional facts and described for when and for whom the dishes were best suited.

Grade 7

The students in there groups prepared a brand new drink recipe designed by themselves. they were encouraged to use less sugar and more fruits /vegetables commonly found in the country.

The presentation was indeed a gala event with everybody doing their best in garnishing and being extremely creative. Other teachers and students and some parents were invited to taste and to witness the work done. A lot of questions were asked. and doubts clarified.

Both the food items of grade10 and the drinks of grade 7 were successful.

Almost all the groups had prepared more than one recipe which were really healthy. but they had to change somethings as we did the activity at school with the available facilities.

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