2016 Blog – Looking back at four years of ISMD

Hello everyone connected with school food and child nutrition I hope everyone is enjoying the 4th International school meals day.

I really cannot believe is it really over four years since the day in Denver whilst at the SNA ANC that the concept of reaching out across the globe to celebrate all that is good about school nutrition and food was conceived.

This year’s theme is fresh and healthy local foods. An idea that underpins what everyone values about our school food and meeting the needs of the child. It highlights the important role at every stage from farmer to producer to caterer to server and teacher from farm to plate

I recall the inaugural conference hosted by LACA in Manchester, UK and the fabulous speakers that day. The passion and understanding of school food and the way that school food can make a difference to every child in every nation whilst in education, but  I believe it’s not just the food it’s the people that make the real difference.

I have been so fortunate to meet so many people that are so passionate about doing the very best for each child that is served. I know by listening to what our caterers say, both here in the UK and aboard that school food is a vocation rather than just a job. The love of the work that we share is evident by the spread and connectivity as part of international school meals day. There is so much great practice it is right we celebrate all that is good about school food and nutrition across the world, and as LACA Chair would like not only to encourage more engagement but thank all that already do.

Peter McGrath

Lead Association for CAtering in Education (LACA) Chair

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