2020 – Encouraging recycling in Peru​ – Tetra Pak

2020 – Encouraging recycling in Peru​ – Tetra Pak

​Preserving culture and promoting recycling with innovative product and package design in Peru’s school nutrition programme. from Tetra Laval.

The initiative

P&D Andina Alimentos, S.A., made history with a Yoleit brand launch of a new fortified dairy product featuring both Spanish and Quechua languages on the package. This beverage contains locally-produced grains and is enriched with vitamins A, D, E, calcium, zinc and magnesium. The packaging also incorporates educational messages that promote good nutrition, hygiene and recycling.

The Peruvian school feeding programme, in collaboration with suppliers and Tetra Pak, also provided training to promote and improve effective food safety.

The scheme’s initial recycling goals were to recover post-consumer packaging from 38 schools and to create awareness by training teachers about nutrition and environmental care in a dynamic way.

Looking ahead

Tetra Laval plan to continue expanding this nutrition and environmental education campaign to cover more schools and reach more children. ​

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