2024: Inspiring a bean revolution on International School Meals Day

2024: Inspiring a bean revolution on International School Meals Day

When we think about beans it’s often as that reliable store cupboard staple that offers us a hearty, weeknight meal option. However, an ambitious campaign, aiming to double global consumption of beans by 2028, is bringing the bean to centre stage and inspiring a revolution in schools and communities across the world.

Mobilised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SGD2) to create a world free of hunger by 2030, the Beans is How campaign, led by the SGD2 Advocacy Hub, seeks to amplify the importance of beans as a simple and affordable solution to our global financial, health and environmental challenges.

Bringing the campaign to schools in the UK, The Nutrition Advisory Team is working with the entire food sector to equip children with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their health and to embed a whole school approach to healthy living.

The Nutri-kit, which was launched by the team in 2023 and offers a comprehensive toolkit for empowering children to make healthier life choices, is a great example of how initiatives are influencing sustainable nutrition in schools – the theme of this year’s International School Meals Day.

Primary school students are also being encouraged to explore nutrition using the principles of “eat, move, feel and connect”. As well as increasing the amount of beans on school menus, this also involves children using beans as a stimulus for movement with fun activities, encouraging family participation in meal preparation and fostering a sense of community around health and nutrition.

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