2013 – Foyle View School, Northern Ireland

Foyle View School, Northern Ireland

Emerging Countries: School Meals Day

Foyle View School caters for special needs children 3-19 years in
Derry, Northern Ireland.
The canteen has a daily client base of around 150 meals including
special diets plus visiting extra mural projects.

What we did / what we are doing
We incorporate schools meals day into the monthly theme days which
the school has been hosting in the past years.
The school canteen is an intergral part of these theme days. The
majority of the staff get dressed up with the children for these
theme days and everyone has a great time

Canteen staff headed by Johanna McGuinness/ Eileen Friel are always
involved and through their commitment encourage other staff to get
involved. the pupils love these days and the parental involvement
grows from year to year.

Next steps
We plan to carry on with the theme days and introduce more themes
including ones where the pupils get to taste different food from
around the world.

Contact name
Dan Byrne (Senior School Leader )

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