2013 – M.B.Henderson Elementary, USA

M.B.Henderson Elementary, USA

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, students should have nutrients and have enough energy to work at school, so why not having breakfast in the classroom?

Fourth grade students at M.B.Henderson school celebrated International School Meals Day. Students shared their breakfast time with students in Scotland through a video conference. All grades have breakfast in the classrom when they arrive school, but this day was special. Breakfast is different everyday so students also learn about what nurients, vitaminis and proteins they are having during the week. They also shared different recipies from other countries and created a poster.
This project is also being complemented with other activities at the school garden and selling little veggie gardens of Growums program. All of these activities were shared with students from another school in Scotland during a video conference.

Students are now aware of how important it is to have a completed breakfast everyday that includes milk (calcium), fruit juice (vitamins), grains and meat (proteins), they also know that eating elements from the food pyramid everyday will keep their body and mind healthy. They also learnt that healthy habits are important for all children around they world, since they had the opportunity to see how other children celebrated International School Meals Day overseas.

Next steps
Students will continue to have breakfast at the classroom, and this habit has already become part of their daily routine. Eating healthy should be balance with exercise so students are also participating in zumba classes and yoga sessions for kids at school.

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