2014 – M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi, India

2014 – M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi, India


It is the need of the hour to create awareness among the pupils of classes 1-5 about their diet and the nutritional value of the food they eat. Although nowadays kids are inclined more towards tempting
fast food like pizza’s, burgers, pastas, cold-drinks etc. It is our motto to impart the importance for essential level of daily nutritional value from the food they consume daily, to stay healthy and fit either for studying or for being active in the playground. And it makes our children grow up to be healthy citizens of tomorrow.

What we did / what we are doing
On 6th March, 2014 our International School Meals Day celebration was designed with a plethora of meal activities. Class- 1 relished the taste of traditional South Indian food (Idli Vada, Dosa, Sambhar and Chutney). Class -2 enjoyed eating Lemon Rice. Class -3 savoured the taste of Chole Puri. Class- 4 were delighted to enjoy the Punjabi tadka (Shahi- Paneer and Daal Makhni). Class-5 took pleasure in Punjab di mehak (Sarso Da Saag and Makki Di Roti). Students and parents actively participated in cooking this nutritious and delicious food. These activities created enthusiastic atmosphere while the students helped their parents and teachers with the cooking. Students decorated their cafeteria with traditional images of Indian food. The school counsellor conducted a short interaction with the parents and teachers on imbibing the importance of healthy food intake for the growing children. Later on the teachers involved gave recipes for cooking healthy and tempting lunch for their kids. To enhance their knowledge gained during these activities many write ups and worksheets were also given to the parents. Students were enthralled to do various activities like ‘Fill in the blanks’, multiple choice questions, match the following, balanced diet chart, writing of the names of food on the basis of recognition of pictures, recipe writing competition, Quiz, Group discussion related to the food and their nutritional value was the centre of involvement. Filling of feedback forms by parents, teachers, students and visitors brought forward the motto of all celebrating Meals Day.
Students identified the importance of food value and variety of food in different parts of India. They also appreciated the variety of food in our vast country like India where every season comes with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Next steps
Students decided to grow and maintain seasonal vegetables in their kitchen garden. The school already has a huge herbal as well as kitchen garden to teach the students about the seasonal change effecting the vegetables and herbal plants grown in it.

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