2024: Limekilns School and Community Garden Project, Scotland

2024: Limekilns School and Community Garden Project, Scotland

Limekilns School and Community Garden Project started in June 2022.

We are so pleased that the school has shared their journey.


The Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir Nature Conservation Group approached our school with an idea to establish a garden for use by the school and the wider community. Land has been leased from the Elgin Estate directly opposite our school and with the close proximity, this will be a rich and valuable resource for pupils and teachers to use to increase awareness of local food growing and provide experiential learning.

Our project has the following aims:

  • To encourage pupils to notice and enjoy wildlife
  • To give pupils direct hands-on experience of growing food
  • To provide a learning environment that teachers can use to enrich their delivery of the broader curriculum and to support their work in nurturing their pupils’ development
  • To enable people living or visiting here to quietly enjoy a wildlife oasis
  • To provide a range of habitats for wildlife.

A colourful handwritten sign with text saying Limekilns School Community Garden under Construction

August 2022

We were delighted that our grant application to Education Scotland’s Food for Thought: Education Fund had been successful. This grant will allow us to purchase all the tools and planting equipment that we will need!

We feel this project will have a hugely positive impact on our pupils, families and the local community, now and in the future.

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